The 3 Restorations, 4 Balances and Tri-Harmony.

Our wish is to help you achieve the best state of health using our philosophy and our TCM products.

Our Health philosophy

Infinitus creates a unique health philosophy of “Promoting healthy life through life nurturing and vitality assurance” that is derived from the premium Chinese health regimen which has a two-thousand-year history.

Detailed content of the philosophy is as below:

  •  Life nurturing and vitality assurance

 – 3 restorations: nourishing and restorations of Qi vitality, Yin & Yang and Zang-Fu.

 –  Four habits: diet, rest, exercise and emotion.

By following our health philosophy principle, we hope that our customers will be able to achieve a better health, a better life not just temporary but permanently. We believe in the process of steps listed below:

  • Following the Health Philosophy

  • Achieving a Nurturing Life & Vitality Assurance

  • Keeping an always healthy, harmonious life.

Our Steps to a Healthy Life

Each tab is a health step, each health step contains our philosophy to better health. All these combined together, make up our full health philosophy principle.