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  • Gluco 8

    From: $100.30
    For : A person who has high blood sugar, either due to the body's insufficient production of insulin, or the cells not responding to insulin. Commonly related to Diabetes. Qty : 60 vials per box
  • Calcium-Plus

    From: $40.15
    For : Maintaining strong and healthy bones, for those with lower calcium intakes or those who wish to boost their calcium absorption. Qty : 120 tablets per bottle
  • For : Improving the body’s resistance against harmful effects of free radicals. The increased ability will combat free radicals to protect the body from radiation and chemical driven damage, and slows ageing Qty : 120 tablets per bottle
  • For : Those who have high blood lipid and weak cardiovascular health. Note: This product contains Ginseng & Gingko.Twice daily, 2 capsules each time after food. Qty : 120 tablets per bottle
  • Gest-Aid Plus

    From: $113.70
    For :  Those with different types of gastrointestinal disorders such as gastric, gastric ulcers, enteritis, etc. due to declining of the stomach resistance. Qty : 60 vials per box