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Beautrio Herbal Whitening Mask

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Facial mask Direction:

Step 1: Smooth the mask evenly on clean face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

Step 2: Gently massage face after removing the mask and rinse with water.

Neck mask Direction:

Step 1: Lie down and smooth the wide side of the mask from the chin.

Step 2: Leave for 15-20 minutes, massage neck gently after removing the mask and rinse with water.

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Whitening active ingredients of Pine Mushroom, Pearl and Ural Licorice Root are highly effective in skin whitening functions. Produced by using the Nanotopes technology – the unprecedented delivery systems of ultra-small particles and extremely small liposome which promotes better absorption of the active ingredients. Natural soybean fiber that nourishes the skin and advanced clipping technique are used for fitting the out-lining of face and neck, making the skin feels more comfortable. The special neck mask is designs to provide special care to the neck, and to promote a holistic skin whitening effect.

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