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PolySac Plus


For : Strengthening immune systems and maintain a state of good health.

Qty : 120 tablets per bottle


About :

The core active ingredients of PolySac Plus are the “compound polysaccharides”, which derived from such Chinese herbs as Radix codonopsis pilosulaLentinus edodesPoria cocosTremella fuciformis,Flammulina velutipesWolfberry and Hericium erinaceus. These herbs are formulated at optimum proportions, extracted and concentrated by using advanced modern technology to become the “compound polysaccharides” from Chinese herbs

PolySac Plus is formulated with immune-enhancing ingredients that help to strengthen our immune system and elevate the body’s resistance.


Dosage :

Take 3-4 tablets, twice daily. Preferably half an hour before meal.


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